Integral Solutions in Iberian pork

Whatever your need is, we can help you. From live animals to cuttings on demand. If it is Iberian pork, we are your best ally.

We have one of the largest stocks in Spain in Iberian pork.

We are one of the largest breeding and fattening groups of Iberian pork in Spain. With a market share close to 10% of the national Iberian pork hut, we cover all possible varieties recognized by the RD 4/2014.

Specialists in complex services for supplying live or slaughtered animals.

We program the provisioning services in a very meticulous way, betting for the security and stability in the supply. With an exhaustive control of both the quality and the quantity of animals available, having their own resources and capacities in all the stages including slaughter and butchering of the animal.

Animals tailored to your needs

Discover all the variables that we can adjust to provide you with the type of animal your industry needs.


In our catalogue of animals we have all the possibilities. Iberian pure, 50% Iberian (with Duroc), 75% Iberian (with Duroc).

Specific genetics.

We have a wide range of possibilities, both in genetics of Iberian (Retinto, hairless, Entrepelado, Torbiscal) and Duroc (Traditional, TOPIGS, PIC...)

Specific feeds including ecological

Our food philosophy is based on specific formulations according to the needs of the final product. We are not manufacturers of feed, which allows us a high degree of adaptation to the requirements of the processing industry.

Growth stage

Piglets, primates, fat... We have producers in all stages and control systems to select animals within the weight ranges you need.

Type of exploitation

Among our facilities we have all the operating systems currently recognised; Intensive bait, extensive bait and pure acorn.

Animals in and out of standard

Both for processing in cured parts and for the fresh meat industry. We are able to adjust age and weight to your transformation needs.

Much more than a pig supplier.

Our sales policy is aimed at creating stable relationships based on professionalism, communication and results. We work hand-in-hand with purchasing heads, quality and logistics managers, to achieve the objectives set in the contract with the highest level of success possible.

Volume and capacity

We manage more than 5000 animals a week.


We select one by one the animals of each lot according to specification.

Professionalism and thoroughness.

We watch over the needs of customers and partners, fulfilling our word point by point.


We have the human and economic resources to deal with any operation with total guarantee of success.

Presence throughout the value chain.

Feeding, genetics, breeding, fattening, slaughtering and cutting. Whatever the need, we can take care of it.

Working with us is a guarantee of success.

5 aspects that make us unique.

Traditionally, the Iberian pig sector was characterized by its fragmentation and the difficulty of reaching large and constant volumes to satisfy high-capacity industrialists. Ibercom has overcome this obstacle, centralising the marketing and services of more than 120 partners. With this, we are able to assure the capacity of service to any type of industry of the different types of Iberian pork, both in quantity and in continuity.

Shall we start working together?

1.000.000 €

It is our investment in R + D + I in the last four years for the improvement and development of the farms of our partners.

Projects and AIDS in innovation