We are Ibercom –

A cooperative specialized in offering integral solutions for the breeding, fattening and commercialization of large volumes of Iberian pork.

We specialize in offering complete solutions to both ranchers, industrialists and distributors within the Iberian pork sector. Operating advice, sales outsourcing, supervision and classification of lots, cutting on demand... All this under the highest standards of seriousness and rigorousness.

370.884 Animales Comercializados en 2020

  • Piglets and Tostones
  • Marranos and primates
  • Baits I think
  • Acorn Baits
  • Feed Bait exploded
  • Acorn Cutting
  • Other

What do you need?

We do it!
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Volume and capacity

We manage more than 5000 animals a week.
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We select one by one the animals of each lot according to specification.
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Professionalism and thoroughness.

We watch over the needs of customers and partners, fulfilling our word point by point.
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We have the human and economic resources to deal with any operation with total guarantee of success.
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Presence throughout the value chain.

Feeding, genetics, breeding, fattening, slaughtering and cutting. Whatever the need, we can take care of it.
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Working with us is a guarantee of success.

5 aspects that make us unique.

Traditionally, the Iberian pig sector was characterized by its fragmentation and the difficulty of reaching large and constant volumes to satisfy high-capacity industrialists. Ibercom has overcome this obstacle, centralising the marketing and services of more than 120 partners. With this, we are able to assure the capacity of service to any type of industry of the different types of Iberian pork, both in quantity and in continuity.

We align livestock and market

Our main function as a cooperative is to ensure the sustainability and profitability of our partners. To this end, we are in constant contact with all the links in the value chain of the sector, analyzing their specific needs both product quality and transversal services. This has allowed us to situate ourselves as trusted suppliers of the main industries, signing long-term supply contracts that are linked in a stable and permanent way to our farms, always depending on the type of animal produced and the Specific purchase requirements.

In farms:

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    1. Advice on food

    Unlike other cooperatives, Ibercom performs a feeding advice based on obtaining weight results and tailored profile. We do not manufacture feed, we choose the best available in the market for each type of exploitation.

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    2. Animal genetic counseling

    We help our farmers to homogenize the quality of their cabins by the implantation of genetics recognized by the industry. Thus, we promote the profitability of the farm, ensuring that these animals meet the requirements established by the different industrialists.

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    3. Integration of holdings and contracts.

    Whatever the type of exploitation of our partners, we are in charge of aligning them in the production process from breeding to final slaughter. All this is always linked to one or several annual purchase contracts by the industries. Thus we favor the stability of the sales and reduce the seasonality and its impact on the account of results of the exploitation.

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    4. We ensure the complete collection of operations.

    We have the necessary financial instruments to ensure that all our partners and suppliers charge their sales in time and form, avoiding the risk of non-payment in sales that may cause damage to ranchers and industrialists.

In industry:

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    1. Individualized Needs analysis

    Each type of industry requires animals that meet very specific characteristics. Weight, age, fatty profile, yield... We analyze jointly the purchasing requirements and assign to each contract a stable pool of farms that meet the established conditions.

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    2. Custom batch making and with professional supervision

    In all our loads we have a technician specializing in morphological selection, ensuring that the livestock meets the requirements established in the contract. The animals are evaluated individually at the time prior to loading to ensure the homogeneity of the batch and the quality of the animals shipped.

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    3. Logistics Planning

    We manage the burdens and transport of the animals through our network of trusted suppliers. According both volumes and periodicity and fulfilling both delivery dates and the necessary conditions of animal welfare to avoid possible variations in quality due to stress generated by poorly carried out loads or transport.

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    4. Annual supplies and budgetary stability.

    Thanks to our high level of stock in a market with supply problems, we are able to agree on conditions of delivery of stable animals in annual periods, assuring both a continuous service, and permanent economic conditions always Referenced to one of the price sections of the Lonja de Extremadura, depending on the conditions stipulated in the contract of purchase.

News from the Cooperative

1.000.000 €

It is our investment in R + D + I in the last four years for the improvement and development of the farms of our partners.

Projects and AIDS in innovation